1) "The Portal" - The high school will rent an inflatable room for students and teachers to video conference with others from around the world with assistance from facilitators from the SharedStudios.Com organization.  The room screen and projector make the person appear life-size.  Conversations on music, science, world events, culture, language, and more will be available - through interaction in the Portal, we begin to have a greater sense of global connectivity.  (10-12 two-hour connections for up to two classes per connection, offered in mid-March 2019).  There are two existing Portals in Massachusetts - MIT and Andover Public Schools.  Leader: Patrick Kelley.
2) "Audio Storytelling Through Podcasting" - A proposed high school English class will be equipped with iPads, software, microphones and more to enable students to learn to produce documentary-style audio stories as heard on programs like "This American Life."  Skills will include telling a story through episode writing, effective recording techniques, editing, and fine-tuning for production.  This equipment and methodology can be applied to many other disciplines and class-settings throughout the school(s). Leader: Sarah Kuhne.


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