Fred Miller Elementary School Innovations:

STEAMM Program

Someone has been putting stickers on school walls!  Using new equipment purchased from a grant from the Holliston Education Foundation (HEF), teachers teamed up to form the STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Movement) project and fired up a new Cricut die-cutting machine to create wall and floor activity stations throughout the school.  One area is the “Math Steps” in Miller – students recite the multiples of the numbers as they step up the staircase.  Another exciting innovation can be found in the "Miller Innovation Lab" and the program “Miller Makes & Innovates” where students work on projects and make things that are functional and helpful. Tools for these student projects that were purchased with the HEF Innovations in Education grant include “Bloxels” for building video games, “Makey Makey” invention-computer connection kits, robots, and much more. The teachers were trained in Project-Based Learning workshops funded by HEF, and put together this STEAMM team and laboratories to kick off the project in 2019.

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Photos of an inspirational message on the wall, and a staircase for practicing math multiples as students travel the Miller halls.

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