Robert H. Adams Middle School Innovations:

Studio 323 - Digital Media Makerspace

What has been happening in Studio 323 in the Robert Adams Middle School (RAMS)?  There are new workstations in the Adams Library for students in grades 6-8.  Video recording areas, video editing computers and equipment, movie making computers and even a stop-motion animation studio are now available for all students and teachers for their classroom projects.  Students can now produce a weather program, create a documentary film, and interact with groups outside the school. The studio is also used to communicate with parents and staff and other districts using broadcasts like the “RAMS Coffee Talk” podcast.  The team says that the Library has turned into a vast collaboration center, and attendance is higher than they have ever seen in this new busy, bustling space, thanks to the HEF “Innovations in Education” grant that they invested into this new learning space.

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 Matt Cotter, Tina Cortis and Kelly McDaniel welcome you to the new Digital Makerspace Studio.

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